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Crossroads BBQ Menu 
Come in and try our new menu items!
Rib Tips 
Join us for
Taco Tuesdays!
Enjoy our pulled pork
and brisket, 
taco style
Meats (may vary daily)
Brisket  ~  $9.00
Hand-Pulled Pork  ~  $5.99
Hand-Pulled Chicken-$5.99
Chicken Wings ~  $1.25 each
Andouille Sausage  ~   $7.99
Spare Ribs~ Half $15.00        Full $21.00
Rib Tips $9.99
1/2 pound Brisket Burger $6.99
Crack Bacon $1.25 per slice 

Crossroads: Chopped brisket and pulled pork piled high and covered with
bacon cheddar cheese sauce $7.99
Classic: our delicious hand-pulled pork on a hearty bun $5.59
Carolina: hand pulled pork with our house made slaw and Carolina sauce
Cubano: shaved ham, roasted pork loin, pickles, mayo, mustard, and Swiss
cheese all on fresh grilled Cuban bread. $6.99
Grilled Chicken: topped with Swiss cheese, crack bacon, lettuce, tomato,
onion mayo. No words can describe how amazing this is! $6.99
Pulled chicken flatbread: hand pulled chicken with lettuce, shredded
cheddar cheese, and white BBQ sauce on a warm flatbread $6.99
Pulled Pork Taco: our delicious pulled pork on a fried tortilla shell served
with lettuce, cheese and sour cream $2.50
Barbacoa Taco: seasoned BBQ beef piled in our authentic street style
taco shell, served with lettuce, cheese and sour cream $2.99
Add brisket to any sandwich for $2 more
Brisket Burger: 1/2# Brisket burger grilled to your liking, 
your choice of toppings $6.99
~ All sandwiches are served on hearty buns ~
Warm Sides
Crack Bacon Mac-n-Cheese  ~  $4
BBQ Beans  ~  $4
Fries  ~  $4
Mozzarella Sticks  ~  $4
Jalapeno Mozzarella Sticks  ~  $4
Honey Corn Cakes ~  $2
Tater Tots ~ $4
Fried Twinkie $1.99
Cold Sides 
Southern Style Slaw $3   
Loaded Potato Salad $3

For $5 more make any meat or sandwich a basket including a
beverage, coleslaw or a corn cake, and fries or mac
Meat Sampler: 1/4# brisket, pulled pork or pulled chicken sliders,
1/4# Andouille sausage and 4 wings $16
Texas Trinity: 1/2# brisket, . # Andouille sausage, and . rack of
ribs with 2 corn cakes and 2 regular drinks. $33
Rib Dinner: 1/2rack of ribs, 1 corn cake, slaw and choice of 6 oz.
side $19.99
Full rack of ribs, 1 corn cake, slaw and
choice of 6 oz. side $28.99
Weekday worker: 2 sliders, . order of fries, creamy slaw, and
a regular drink $9.43 (after 5PM and weekends $11.32)
Kids' Meals (12 years and under)
Little Pig: 1 slider + 4 oz. side + small drink  ~  $5
Big Pig:  2 sliders + 4 oz. side + small drink  ~  $7
Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, Mr. Pibb, Big Red, Barq's Root Beer, Mello Yello
Sweet & Unsweet Iced Tea
Regular ~  $1.75        Large  ~  $2.75
Does Rover need
a bone to chew?
We've got plenty of 'em ... and they're free.
Just ask!
The Chopping Block Challenge  ~  $75

1 rack of ribs                  1 lb. of brisket                      1 lb. of pork        1 lb. of sausage
12 wings          1 lb. of fries                 large drink

Rules:  1 person, 1 hour, no sharing 
You must eat everything  (except the bones)! 

Winner gets the meal for free, plus a custom t-shirt and his/her picture
 on the Crossroads BBQ wall and website for "conquering the beast"!

Note: The Chopping Block Challenge can be ordered as a meal to share with others,
but it won't be free. Why? Because your friends helped you devour the deliciousness!